Goldstream Engineering, Inc. (GEI) was founded in 1983 to provide reasonable, reliable, and responsible civil engineering for the local Fairbanks community and surrounding areas. Since that time, we have expanded to include structural, geotechnical, and environmental design, planning, permitting, grant administration, construction management, and administration services across Alaska, both rural and urban.

We focus on innovative and economically feasible and culturally acceptable infrastructure projects. We believe that the most successful projects require a partnership founded on trust between the owner, engineer, agencies, and builders, whether force-account, contracted, or other effective collaboration.

GEI has developed innovative contract concepts for projects that fully integrate the owner, designer, and engineering into one team. Our projects range from simple on-site water supply and wastewater disposal systems to off-grid hotels and lodges, municipal and rural roads, buildings, bridges, ports, airports, erosion control, drainage, site development, and water and wastewater treatment plants.

We believe the answers to challenges in rural Alaskan villages need to develop from within the community. That education and training for Alaskan Natives will ultimately provide economically and culturally sustainable solutions in their communities. Our role is to educate our clients, support, and implement the decisions they make to the best of our ability.


Our People


​Mark B Sherman, PE, BS, ME

​President, Sr. Project Manager

Mr.  Sherman founded and has served as President of the firm since 1984. He has served as a Design Engineer and Project Manager for planning and design firms in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. Mr. Sherman began his professional career and training in geotechnical engineering and has since expanded his practice into the water supply and wastewater collection and treatment, schools, roads, bridges, erosion protection, flood control, and general civil site design and environmental permitting and planning. Mark has both Civil and Environmental Professional Engineering registrations in Alaska. Much of his career has been devoted to projects in rural Alaska, including villages in Interior Alaska and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Mark added, that this is an older picture, he has less hair now.

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​Frank Thompson, PE, BS

​Associate Project Manager

​Frank joined Goldstream in the Fall of 2019 and will be contributing his 19 years of experience with construction administration, structural design, and drafting of new construction and renovations to the project. Frank has worked on numerous projects for the State of Alaska, Doyon Utilities, CCHRC, UAF, and on projects throughout Alaska in cities, rural communities, and military bases. Frank is responsible for structural engineering, associate project manager, and quality control lead. Frank is the Principal Structural Engineer for Goldstream Engineering (GEI). Frank enjoys spending time with his family and playing softball. His family comes from the Interior Alaska, Koyukon region.


​Fatima Lord Mancuso, BS, MS

Project Engineer

​Fatima serves as a Project and Field Engineer for Goldstream Engineering. She oversees the planning and design implementation based on the owner’s input and needs as well as working under the supervision of professional civil and structural engineers. She manages client interface and ensures appropriate information and communication is present between the owner and the rest of the project team. Fatima graduated from the University of Texas with a BS in Civil Engineering and is graduating May 2020 with her masters at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with an MS in structural/materials engineering. Fatima provides on-site engineering and interface between the residents and the engineering and construction teams. She is an active volunteer in scholastic and cultural education, a subsistence hunter, beader, and skin sewer taught to her by her family, who are master artists: Delores Sloan and Dixie Alexander. Fatima's most valuable education comes from her family and community. Her family is engineers, traditional chiefs, subsistence hunters, leaders, and artists from Nenana and Fort Yukon.

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Alexander J Hansen, EIT, BS

Project Civil Engineer

​Alex has served as a Design Engineer/Intern for Goldstream Engineering since 2013 and is an integral part of the company.  Alex started his career with Goldstream as an Engineering Technician Intern field testing on-site water supply and wastewater disposal systems, performing both construction evaluations to assure compliance with ADEC requirements and performance evaluations to verify system capacity.  He then moved into Project Engineer and Manager for design work under the supervision of several professional civil and structural engineers and routinely performs structural, civil design work, and AutoCAD drafting. He prioritizes spending time with his family and church and enjoys hunting and fly fishing

Keith W

Keith P. Whitaker, JD, PE, CPESC

Project Civil and Structural Engineer

Mr. Whitaker has served as a Civil and Structural Engineer as well as Project Manager for Goldstream Engineering since 2013.  He came to Alaska in 2010 after serving as President of a full service architectural/engineering firm in New England to take a Faculty position in the Civil Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Before this, he worked as a Senior Design Engineer at several prominent firms in the Central Maine area. Mr. Whitaker also gained field experience working in the construction industry for several years before pursuing an engineering career. Mr. Whitaker has served on numerous municipal boards and school administrative boards.  He has also served as an Elder in a local church and operated a pro-bono design firm for charitable organizations.  Mr. Whitaker enjoyed farming and worked on a small family dairy farm before coming to Alaska.

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