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Residential Engineering Services

Septic Systems

From the conventional to the unconventional we have experience designing and managing the installation of an on-site wastewater disposal system that meets your specific site conditions and needs. Have permafrost? Our specialized design for an above-ground system can be installed on permafrost sites and meets the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) requirements. Call us today for a quote.

Homeowner Soils Report

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) allows a homeowner to install their own septic system provided they have a soils classification or percolation test from an Engineer. We are familiar with soil types in Interior Alaska and can visually classify the soils (in some cases a percolation test may be needed). Our report will include the soils classification, septic system sizing and other pertinent information needed for you to install your septic system. We will also be available to answer basic questions concerning ADEC construction standards and recommendations.

Percolation Test

A percolation test measures the rate at which water can drain through soils. In some areas of the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB), the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) requires a percolation test be completed by an Engineer prior to installing a wastewater disposal system. After we complete a percolation test, we will provide a report that specifies the absorption rate of the soil and provide system sizing criteria based on ADEC standards and recommendations.

Separation Distance Waiver Request

Occasionally it is not possible to meet all separation distance requirements from a water source (well) and potential sources of contamination such as a buried fuel tank or a septic system. In many cases it is possible to obtain a waiver of these separation distance requirements. Our waiver request will include information about the well, groundwater flow and depth, soil classification and topography as well as information concerning the potential contamination source. We will collect water samples and provide recommendations for periodic maintenance or monitoring if needed. If this is a new septic system, call us first! In order to obtain a separation distance waiver, it may be necessary to slightly modify the design of the system in order to meet ADEC requirements.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Testing

Are you seeing an unexpected increase in fuel consumption? Concerned that your fuel tank may be leaking? Our specialized non-invasive equipment allows us to test your buried fuel tank for leaks with minimal disruption of your heating needs. Although the heating system will need to be turned off and isolated from the tank during the test, we can generally complete the test in 1 hour or less. The Mesa 2-D digital tightness test checks the tightness of the tank and associated piping by digitally monitoring and recording the acoustical profile inside the tank under a slight vacuum. The Mesa 2-D test method has been approved by the EPA for testing and detecting leaks in residential and commercial fuel tanks and our technicians have been factory trained to obtain the most accurate test results from our state-of-the art equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ADEC do not regulate home heating oil tanks but do regulate the clean-up of contaminated sites. Homeowners are liable under Alaska law for the cleanup of spills from home heating oil tanks on their property. In addition to being liable for cleaning soils and groundwater in the case of a fuel oil leak, a homeowner could also be held liable for third-party bodily injury and property damage if the oil contaminates neighboring wells or vapors invade basements, crawl spaces, sewers, sumps, or other underground areas. Avoid the liability and expense of a leaking tank and the expense of wasted fuel. Protect your investment in your new house by having the underground heating oil tank system tested before you buy! For additional information, please see the Resources section or call us!